National Payment Solutions, LLC was founded in 1996 under the direction of Eddie Branch and John Martin. From the beginning, Eddie and John had a vision that the handling and processing of checks and payments electronically would be a huge advantage and create many benefits for our clients and create growth for our company. Under the name National Check Recovery (NCR), we started collecting returned checks electronically for retail clients, and evolved in the year 2000 to handling returned checks electronically for child support payments for several states. In just a few short years, the company grew from primarily handling check collections into a wider range of electronic payment processing services, including Remittance processing, ACH processing, and other electronic services for billing companies. In the year 2010, in order to more accurately market our company’s growing range of services in the payments industry, NPS absorbed NCR and has operated solely under that name. Since that time, our company continues to pursue even more leading edge technology in providing payment and interactive solutions to our expanding customer base.  NPS is always looking for solutions that help our clients business grow. NPS remains a privately owned company, and we continue to operate and grow with a wealth of experience under the leadership of our original founders.