Because of the check scanning process, we are able to save on future personnel cost, which is one of our biggest expenses. Time that was required in the past for posting payments has been shortened. We are seeing savings in the returned check area and are able to earn more interest income since our funds are available sooner…NPS is a very professional company and there customer service is OUTSTANDING. I would highly recommend NPS to anyone that processes check payments on a regular basis.

Finance & Administration Manager, City of Gainesville (GA)

Instead of using three staff members to post the mailed in payments throughout the day, I now only use one dedicated employee to get the job done.

Utilities Billing Manager, Floyd County (GA) Water Department

The difference has been night and day between our old system and support compared to NPS’s system and their support. The performance is better, reliability is better, and the durability is better. I cannot be more pleased with our decision to switch to NPS.

IT Director, City of Frankfort (KY) Plant Board

Batches of payments are posted in a matter of minutes as opposed to hours. This has allowed time for the staff to concentrate on other duties, plus we do not have a need to hire additional front office staff now.

Office Manager,Walton County (GA) Water and Sewerage Department

We seemed to always be a day behind in our daily posting process. Since we implemented NPS’s scanning solution, we are NEVER behind. A peak day of volume for us takes less than two hours to finish now, with only one dedicated employee…and our money is in the bank faster.

Billing and Customer Service Supervisor,
Jackson County (GA) Water and Sewer Authority