Electronic (NSF) Recovery Process

Electronic Recovery Process / NSF re-presentments and Collections

All checks processed as ACH transactions or as paper transactions and are returned unpaid can be processed through Electronic Recovery. It is made up of automatic re-submissions for all items returned non-sufficient funds (NSF) or uncollected funds (UCF). Reports are generated and sent to your organization for notification and reimbursement, and a letter is sent to each check writer notifying him or her of the process. For all items still unpaid after the electronic re-presentments, traditional collections take over. This step is also for account closed, stop payment, or refer to maker checks. While in traditional collections, additional letters are sent, phone calls are made, skip tracing is performed, and reports are made to the credit bureau.

Features Include:

  • Automatic electronic re-presentments
  • Reporting to your business
  • Letters sent to the check writer
  • Verification of funds
  • Faster turnaround and reconciliation
  • Credit bureau reporting