Surprising insights made simple

Data analytics software tool in an easy-to-use format that uses your own sales information to help identify business trends and opportunities. Help bring new customers and better track and manage marketing for positive results. What do sales look like on Monday’s? Where are my best customers coming from?Uncover a whole new side to your business with the InsighticsSM Solution. Insightics transforms your payments data in valuable insights about your customers, sales and similar businesses—helping you better understand and grow your business.

Makes running your business an adventure.

The Insightics Solution is easy to use and incredibly versatile. Whether you want to find new customers, improve your marketing or understand how other local businesses are doing, Insightics will help your business reach its full potential.

Map your world.

Understand where your customers live and shop so that you can better target them and see where you might open new locations.

Get connected. Stay connected.

Getting started with Insightics is a breeze. There’s no set up and no data to input — and it works with any point-of-sale terminal or system. Simply log in on your computer or smartphone and you’re ready to go.

Drum up new business.
Easily see your customers’ spending patterns so you can find more like them.

Maximize your marketing.
Find profiles of your customers and segment by categories like new, repeat or local — so you can market more effectively.

Get real results.
Understand the impact of your marketing efforts and receive insights that will help improve your future efforts.

Check out similar businesses.
Tired of canvassing the neighborhood to see if you’re the only one having a slow day? See how you measure up by comparing sales and seeing how consumers are spending at other businesses like yours.